Mixtum is Fresh and Creative Digital Agency - without added sugar!

Mixtum is Finnish Digital Agency. Our services includes training and consulting services, WordPress sites and other IT services, video editing and video shooting, graphic design and traditional advertising and print media.

You name it, we'll create it!

Our main home site is mixtum.com where you can find more information about our IT services and courses.
Also visit mixtum.shop for our online store that sells online courses and other digital and physical products.

Mixtum training and consulting services

Education, Consulting and Training - Almost 20 Years of Experience!

We have been providing training and consulting services and popular courses with almost 20 years of experience! We specialize in Adobe training, video and multimedia training and consulting of various network and programming technologies. Below are some of our most popular training topics but more courses and information on our training services can be found here.

Check out our course calendar and see what we are offering right now.